Top places to visit in Denmark

Denmark is the country where Scandinavia begins. It has changed a lot over the centuries. Once known for its fierce warriors, the Vikings, it is now a peaceful modern country where innovative architecture shares space with medieval buildings. 

You’ll find picturesque fishing villages that trace their heritage back to the Vikings, so you’ll want to sample their most famous fish, the herring, perhaps at Smørebrod. 

Denmark is the country of Hans Christian Andersen, so you’ll find palaces and castles where fairy tales might have come true. 

1. Rabjarg Mile

Rabjerg Mile is one of the major migratory dunes in the country and one of the best places to visit in Denmark in winter.

 It is one of Denmark’s tourist attractions for picnics. BC A sand dune developed along the west coast in the sixteenth century.

It spreads at a rate of about fifteen meters in the east-northeast direction of Kattagat. Some of the most reliable modes of transport to reach the Rabberg Mile are by car all the way from Candestedways. 

If you prefer to explore the dunes by bike, start your journey on West Kistein’s West Coast Path. 

Those who want to travel on foot can start their trip from Rabjarg Kirke which is the famous chapel.

2. Gileleje

Gileleje is a major fishing town that is revered by local tourists. Experience the cool breeze that is an important part of the port city. 

If you are wondering what to see in Denmark, tourists can see the fisherman clearing all the lines in addition to the picturesque fishing town. 

It was built in the fourteenth century, which is really charming and charming. Don’t forget to take a free tour of the town and witness the regular morning fish auction. 

The world-famous Monument Kierkegaard is an incredible experience to explore. If you are looking for a touristic day, Gillesje is one of the many places to visit in Denmark during the summer.

3. Elsinore

There are plenty of places to visit in Denmark. Elsinore, also known as Helsingor, is a port city in eastern Denmark and one of the best places to visit in Denmark. It is a city steeped in history. 

As a result, it can be an excellent destination for those who are historically inclined and prefer to delve into the history of Eastern Denmark. It houses a library, an exhibition hall as well as a shipyard museum.

4. Maritime Museum

One of the best places to visit in Denmark, the Maritime Museum opened its doors to the public in 1915.

Many collections related to Danish trade and shipping date back to the fifteenth century BC However, in 2013, the museum moved to a new location under the supervision of the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). 

The place was originally called ‘The Trade and Maritime Museum’ and is one of Denmark’s famous landmarks. This trade was between China and India.

5. Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is a world famous amusement park and a charming park located in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

It opened its doors to the public on August 15, 1843. It is currently the second oldest amusement park that is actively operating worldwide. 

The park was extremely popular with over 4.6 million visitors in 2017. This place is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in continental Europe.

 It tops the list behind Disney Land Park and Europa Park. The entertainment area is one of the best places to visit in Copenhagen, Denmark.

6. Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a famous bronze statue designed by renowned sculptor Edvard Eriksson and is one of the most magnificent things to see in Denmark. 

The stunning statue is a major landmark of Copenhagen. However, this statue has become a place of vandalism. The mermaid is a symbol of major cities such as the ‘Mannequin Piece’, the ‘Statue of Liberty’ in New York and Christ the Redeemer. 

 This is another addition to the list of top places to visit in Copenhagen, Denmark .

7. Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg is a four-hundred-year-old castle, studded with crown jewels and striking surfaces. It still retains its majestic grandeur and simplicity. The grounds are beautifully landscaped with lots of enchanting gardens and beautiful flowers. 

The rooms, architecture and artwork are magnificent and worth a visit. It is one of the top places to visit in Denmark.

8. Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace is a magnificent venue and home to the Danish Parliament. Most of the parts of this palace have been taken advantage of by the Danish king. These include the Palace Chapel and the Royal Reception Room along with the Royal Stables. 

The three major powers of the country i.e. ‘Legislative Power’, ‘Judicial Power’ and last but not least ‘Executive Power’ are vested in this palace.

9. Skagen

The northernmost tip of Denmark, Skagen is a symbol of natural beauty. Kattegat and Skagerrak waters meet here. Walk on the sandy-tipped branch that opens into the sea in a fashionable way. 

The 700-year-old village of Skagen is also known for Hygge, a unique traditional Danish experience that should be on your list. 

Skagen not only offers an atmosphere of relaxation and contemplation but also offers various adventure opportunities to enjoy its wild nature.

10. Mols Bjerge National Park

If you  are looking forward to visiting some unexpected places in Denmark, this is the place for you.

 Denmark is home to some of the most rugged landscapes and what better way to explore it than with a visit to the Mols Bjerg National Park. 

The park is located in the southern part of Jursland surrounded by meadows, pastures, forests and marshes. Needless to say, this region is rich in flora and fauna. 

Encounter a variety of wildlife as you trek through designated national parks. It is famous for its dead ice holes and various types of sand lizards.

11. Rold Skov

Located in Himmerland, Roald Skov is one of the coolest places to visit in Denmark.

 Named after the village of Roald, which borders the forest, Roald Skov is the second largest forest in the country. Spread over an area of ​​80 km. sq., the place is popular for its troll forest.

 These trees are ancient and have unique wavy and spiral shapes, which is why Roald Scove Forest is also known as the ‘Magic Forest’. 

Roald Skov is a forest with remarkable natural phenomena that attracts many visitors from around the world.

12. Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

The impressive Rubjerg Knud is located 90 meters above sea level, but what blows people’s minds is that it is still growing in size! Apart from its beautiful natural scenery and the clear sea roaring below, this dramatic landscape is made famous by the Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse. 

The 23-meter-tall beauty has its own gasworks to illuminate the vast ocean and the ships plying in it.

The lighthouse now has a staircase so that visitors can better see the spectacular view from the top. It is predicted that the lighthouse will fall into the sea in the next 10-15 years due to continuous coastal erosion in this area.

13. Mons Klimt Biosphere

It is one of the greenest and dreamiest places in Denmark where the growing leaves adorn Moens Klint and add an other-worldly charm to the place.

 The whole situation will surely remind you of Denmark’s national song – ‘There is a beautiful land…’. If you have an unconditional love for nature, Moen is definitely worth a visit.

 Around this area, one should also check out the Broad Beach Woods with its majestic cliffs that offer wonderful views of the surroundings. And the best part – both these places can be visited at any time of the year due to pleasant weather and lush green foliage.

14. Fur Bet

For those who know how beautiful this place is, it will come as no surprise that Fur Island tops the list of the best natural places to visit in Denmark. It is a one-of-a-kind island with the most breathtaking locations. 

Apart from the natural beauty, the site offers an insight into the early history of this country in the many layers of volcanic ash and mo-clay (molar) visible to the naked eye.

 It is a very rare sediment found only in the Limfjord region. This is one of the few places on earth where you can see fossils on the beach. 

And if there is no beach, you can just visit the Fur Museum and see the amazing exhibits that showcase the history of Denmark. Because of its unique Molar landscape, it is months away from being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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