Fairs and Festivals in Bhutan

A land of happiness and prosperity, Bhutan is a country full of pristine beauty and fascinating heritage.  Be it the monasteries, the Himalayan mountain range, the deep valleys and meadows or the popular fairs and festivals of Bhutan, this state has everything for tourists. Every aspect of the nation is equally fascinating.  In recent times high … Read more

Places to visit in Paro

A picturesque valley that  describes and glorifies Bhutan’s rich history,  Paro Valley  is a veritable paradise for trekkers!  One of the most expansive and scenic valleys in the ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’, this slice of heaven spreads its contagious beauty where the enchanting Wang Chu River meets the Paro Chu River; From here, the magical beauty of Paro reaches … Read more

Best cities in Bhutan to visit

Bhutan is a country located in the mountainous region of the Eastern Himalayas and is one of the cleanest countries in South Asia. Let me tell you that Bhutan is also known as “Land of the Thunder Dragon”. It is a country with no colonial history and the Wangchuk family has maintained unity in the country. … Read more