Exciting festivals in Belgium

Belgium, a culturally rich country, is a part of Western Europe and is known to be home to many medieval monuments.  It is a small country that hosts many grand festivals and events throughout the year. In fact, this diverse country is known to host some of the most vibrant and joyful festivals in the … Read more

Best cities to visit in Belgium

Although all of Belgium’s cities are worth visiting, there are some top picks that offer a combination of history, culture, architecture and things to do.  Visitors will find buildings that have stood for nearly a thousand years in a variety of architectural styles, from the medieval stonework of Bruges Halle to the modern-day geometric forms … Read more

History of Denmark

Denmark is the second oldest monarchy in the world, surpassed only by the Japanese Imperial Court.  The Danes are first mentioned in European history in the 8th century when the Vikings, a sect common to the Scandinavians, became notorious for plundering churches and monasteries along the British Isles and the coasts of Western Europe.  Although … Read more

An introduction to Danish food culture

Danish cuisine is based on ingredients caught, gathered or grown in the countryside and is shaped by its natural, climatic conditions.   The Vikings ate fish, chickens, pigs, cows, horses and goats, all of which they farmed. They also ate grains, cabbage, wild berries and fruits from trees that could survive the Danish climate.  Today, those … Read more

Top places to visit in Denmark

Denmark is the country where Scandinavia begins. It has changed a lot over the centuries. Once known for its fierce warriors, the Vikings, it is now a peaceful modern country where innovative architecture shares space with medieval buildings.  You’ll find picturesque fishing villages that trace their heritage back to the Vikings, so you’ll want to sample their … Read more

Best cities to visit in Denmark

Famous the world over for the Vikings who came from the coast, Denmark has many interesting historical sites that highlight the country’s rich heritage.  Whether it’s the longboats in some of its harbours, or its fantastic museums, old churches and delightful architecture, there’s plenty to see and do here. Mixing the old with the new, … Read more

Canadian Traditions You Should Know About

For me, one of the best things about traveling is the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new community, being able to learn more about the world and the people around you. Unfortunately, traveling for months at a time isn’t an opportunity for all of us — but if you move to a different country, … Read more

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Canada

The second largest country in the world, Canada has no shortage of beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions.  From coast to coast, the country has vibrant and culturally rich cities with incredible natural wonders. In Western Canada  , the Rocky Mountains; Okanagan Valley; And Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary are some of the best cities to visit and frequently dominate … Read more